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Fibromyalgia under diagnosed in men

Men with fibromyalgiaFibromyalgia causes symptoms such as pain and tenderness, fatigue, and sleep and memory problems. It is a condition characterized primarily by chronic widespread pain (CWP) in the muscles, ligaments and tendons, and a heightened sensitivity to touch resulting in pain that can last for months.

A recent study done by the Mayo Clinic looked at how often people, especially men, were not diagnosed with fibromyalgia when they should have been. The results showed that an estimated 6.4 percent of people aged 21 and older had fibromyalgia but only 1.1 percent of them had been diagnosed. The study found that 20 times more men had symptoms of the condition than had been diagnosed. While for women it was three times. Therefore, fibromyalgia rates may be higher overall than thought, especially among men.

Read more: Linda Rath, Arthritis Today, January 2012