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ROAR: Does a Google a Day Keep the Doctor Away?

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Each year, the Arthritis Research Centre of Canada’s Consumer Advisory Board hosts interactive and educational public forums called  “Reaching Out with Arthritis Research” (ROAR). This series of events is a way of sharing and discussing research findings with patients and the public. We are happy to announce that the latest ROAR, “Does a Google a Day Keep the Doctor Away?”, will take place in Vancouver on Saturday, November 30th. You can join us to hear Patients, Researchers, Ethicists, a Rheumatologist and a Family Physician speak about the benefits and burdens of online health information and other electronic health tools.  

In a world with such rapid access to information and technology (and an abundance of it), it can be difficult to know what to trust and how to use it properly. Our speakers will bring a variety of perspectives related to how we gather information online, how we use online information to make decisions about our health, how mobile apps can help monitor our health and how online information affects the relationship between the patient and the healthcare professional.

Whether you are someone living with a chronic illness, a health professional, a researcher, or just curious; please join the conversation us as we Reach Out with Arthritis Research.

“ROAR” with us on Saturday November 30th, from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm PST at the Blusson Spinal Cord Centre (818 West 10th Avenue in Vancouver) or online via webcast. Register and learn more about this FREE event here: or phone 604-207-4006. You can also follow the conversation on Twitter #eROAR13.

Presentations include:

  • Alison Hoens and Sharan Rai: The Patients’ View of Internet Health Information
  • Professor Emeritus Michael McDonald: Ethics in the Age of e-Health
  • Kelly English: Patients’ Use of Online Support Groups
  • Dr. Anne Townsend: e-Health Research: Benefits and Burdens
  • Dr. Diane Lacaille: Online Tools to Help Self-Manage and Make Decisions
  • Dr. Eric Cadesky: Using e-Health with Patients

Below are some attendees’ testaments on our last ROAR about arthritis and heart disease:

  • “Thank you for the tools and motivation to take charge of my health.”
  • “Excellent, Life changing info.”
  • “Excellent speakers. Good to hear from specialists in person as well as talk with other arthritis sufferers. Good exchange of ideas.”
  • “Useful information in manageable parts in clear language was very helpful. Also valuable for long time patients. Many things often directed at the newly diagnosed.”