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New roles for pharmacists in future of Canada’s healthcare

Arthritis Broadcast Network asks Dr. Kam Shojania, “What role do you see for pharmacists in the future of arthritis healthcare?”

While representing arthritis consumers at the 2013 Canadian Rheumatology Association Annual Scientific Meeting, Arthritis Consumer Experts and ABN took the opportunity to interview rheumatologists, researchers, and consumers who attended the event. We talked to them about arthritis research and care, what they value from this annual conference, their views on the expanding role of pharmacists in the future of arthritis healthcare, and more.

In this video, we interviewed Dr. Kam Shojania from Vancouver, BC.

AS it Goes – Waiting Room Chairs

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We’ve all sat in doctors’ offices for hours on end, waiting to be invited in to the inner sanctum of knowledge. And the more specialized the doctor, it seems, the longer the wait. So why is it that the chairs in these offices are so darn uncomfortable? Many of us spend hours – literally – waiting for doctors who are swamped with patients. The waits are nerve-wracking: you may be expecting test results or wondering what on earth your latest symptoms mean. But the chair for your “sit upon” should not be the cause of even more (dis)stress. Continue reading