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Today’s weather: Cloudy with a Chance of Pain

Today’s weather: Cloudy with a Chance of Pain 

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In the movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Flint Lockwood invented a machine to convert water into food and becomes a local hero in his economically unstable town when food fall from the sky like rain. Like Flint’s intention to solve the town’s crisis, British researchers are now hoping to solve the ancient theory that there is an association between pain and weather.

In 400 B.C., the Greek philosopher Hippocrates noted that changes in the weather can affect pain levels. Throughout history, popular culture adapted the belief and coined terms such as “feeling under the weather”. People claimed to be able to forecast storms and rain because they “can feel it in their bones”. In a study report titled “Pain complaint and the weather: weather sensitivity and symptom complaints in chronic pain patients“, author Shutty MS Jr. recalls a Journal of the American Medical Association publication in 1929 that said there was strong evidence that “warm weather is beneficial and barometric pressure changes are detrimental to patients with arthritis.” Continue reading

Mobile health: Are you in?

Arthritis IDArthritis Consumer Experts (ACE) co-defended, with Arthritis Research Canada, a poster presentation related to mobile health at the Canadian Rheumatology Association Annual Scientific Meeting. The presentation involved a survey of Canadians’ priorities and views about using digital media in arthritis prevention and treatment. The findings from the survey showed that 24.2% did not know how digital media could be used, 22.4% felt that digital media could provide education material, monitor exercise (15.4%), and track symptoms (7.8%).

“Overall, this survey uncovered gaps in the awareness of arthritis prevention and treatment, and the perceived role of digital media, presenting opportunities for future work and collaboration between ACE and researchers to advance knowledge translation in this important area,” said Cheryl Koehn, Founder and President of ACE.

What do you think about mobile health? Would you use it? Continue reading

Online survey: Share YOUR thoughts about a new app to help you be more active

ICON ImageOnline survey: Share YOUR thoughts about a new app to help you be more active

Did you know that walking 10 blocks a day can help improve cognitive health and may even be good for joint health in the long term?

Canadian health consumers like you are developing a new app, called Walk 10 Blocks, that will help you and your friends become more physically active in your neighbourhood, and even make it fun! Continue reading

ABN Attends Ontario’s Largest Healthcare Professionals’ Conference

The Arthritis Broadcast Network is on site at one of Ontario’s largest healthcare professionals’ conference, Primary Care Today.

At the conference, the ABN studio is recording live interviews with healthcare professionals and people living with arthritis, and demonstrating their #1 rated medical apps, ArthritisID PRO and ArthritisID to an enthusiastic audience.

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