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Arthritis timebomb: Digital gadgets can “wear out” your joints

Image of hand over a computer keyboardTyping, texting, and gaming on digital gadgets are wearing out your joints. The ‘pain after texting’ phenomenon happens in both adults and children and leads to joint and wrist pains. According to hand surgeon Dr. Mark Ciaglia of Woodlands Center for Specialty Surgery in Texas, you can develop arthritis if you are excessively texting, emailing, and playing games on your digital devices. In an interview with UK’s Daily Mail, Ciaglia said: “With the advent of texting and video games and excessive use of computers and typing you’re wearing the joints out sooner so we’re actually seeing a shift in the demographics of patients that get the arthritis because they’re wearing their joints out so much sooner.” Continue reading

Digital Health Technologies: Improving outcomes in paediatric chronic pain

Child and adult Hand HoldingThe Canadian Institute for the Relief of Pain and Disability (CIRPD) regularly hosts free webinars. The next one, conducted in partnership with Pain BC and the Canadian Pain Coalition, will be on Wednesday, December 9 at 9:30 am PST (12:30 pm EST). The Digital Health Technologies: Improving Outcomes in Paediatric Chronic Pain webinar will look at how the use of digital health technologies has facilitated access to appropriate and timely care.  Continue reading

Mobile health: Are you in?

Arthritis IDArthritis Consumer Experts (ACE) co-defended, with Arthritis Research Canada, a poster presentation related to mobile health at the Canadian Rheumatology Association Annual Scientific Meeting. The presentation involved a survey of Canadians’ priorities and views about using digital media in arthritis prevention and treatment. The findings from the survey showed that 24.2% did not know how digital media could be used, 22.4% felt that digital media could provide education material, monitor exercise (15.4%), and track symptoms (7.8%).

“Overall, this survey uncovered gaps in the awareness of arthritis prevention and treatment, and the perceived role of digital media, presenting opportunities for future work and collaboration between ACE and researchers to advance knowledge translation in this important area,” said Cheryl Koehn, Founder and President of ACE.

What do you think about mobile health? Would you use it? Continue reading

CRA Interview Series 2014 – Dr. Linda Li: Digital Tools for Arthritis Care

Arthritis Broadcast Network’s “CRA Interview Series 2014” – Dr. Linda Li: Digital Tools for Arthritis Care

Today’s interview features Dr. Linda Li, an Associate Professor, Harold Robinson / Arthritis Society Chair in Arthritic Diseases, and Canada Research Chair in Patient-Oriented Knowledge Translation at the Department of Physical Therapy at the University of British Columbia. She is also a Senior Scientist at the Arthritis Research Centre of Canada. She shares with us information from her workshop titled “Digital Tools for Arthritis Care and Treatment Adherence.”

Consumer “reporters” interviewed more than 30 leading professionals at the Arthritis Broadcast Network Booth (ABN) during last month’s Canadian Rheumatology Association and Arthritis Health Professions annual meetings (CRA). Starting March 14, feature interviews will be posted daily on the ABN YouTube channel at We invite everyone to share the interviews with their networks to strengthen the public profile of arthritis leaders in Canada.