Partnering with your healthcare team

The Pharmacist: A key member of your healthcare team

Pharmacist Close upConsulting regularly with your healthcare team, including your doctor and pharmacist, is important for protecting your specific arthritis health issues. Physicians have the details of your medical history and the training to make a diagnosis and decision about your arthritis treatment.

Having said that, people see their pharmacists about eight times more often than their primary care physician. Pharmacists are important resources, based on the frequency that people with arthritis purchase over-the-counter treatments such as acetaminophen, nutritional supplements, splints, and prescription medications. Not only are pharmacists trained to prepare and dispense medications prescribed by physicians, they can also: Continue reading

Attention: Are you a person living with osteoarthritis (OA)?

Attention: Are you a person living with osteoarthritis (OA)?

Here’s an opportunity to attend a free workshop on models of care for OA.

Workshop BannerThe Arthritis Alliance of Canada (AAC) is offering you an opportunity to participate in its upcoming Osteoarthritis Models of Care (OA MOC) workshop, as part of the AACs 2nd Annual Conference and Research Symposium. The two-hour, OA MOC workshop will take place in Toronto at the Toronto Marriott Downtown Eaton Centre Hotel, Saturday, November 1st, 10:30-am-12:30 pm. Space is limited and registrations will be taken on a “first come, first serve” basis.
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Occupational Therapy and Arthritis

Occupational Therapy and Arthritis – from the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists

What is Occupational Therapy?

Life is made up of meaningful everyday activities or occupations, such as walking the dog, gardening, preparing a meal, painting, doing the laundry and playing games. Occupations are part of life; they describe who we are and how we feel about ourselves. Occupations help bring meaning to life.

Businessman with a laptopWhen we cannot participate in daily occupations, due to injury, illness, disability or social and environmental circumstances, occupational therapists help find solutions to address the meaningful everyday activities of life. Occupational therapy also helps prevent disability or illness and enhances the way we participate in our communities and lives. Occupational therapy helps us engage in the occupation of living.

What is arthritis and what is the impact? 

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#Goals4Arthritis – Goal 7: Do exercises that support the joints of the knees

#Goals4Arthritis – Goal 7: Do exercises that support the joints of the knees

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain of team England sustained a medial knee ligament injury on June 4 that caused him to miss England’s June 14th opening match against Italy in the FIFA World Cup. Team manager Roy Hodgson is hopeful that the midfielder will be able to play in the team’s second group match with Uraguay on Thursday. To learn from Oxlade-Chamberlain’s road to recovery, today’s #Goals4Arthritis focuses on exercises that support the joints of the knees. These types of exercises can be beneficial to someone living with arthritis as it helps to build a person’s core strength. Click here to view a series of five joint exam videos that may help your doctor determine if you have a type of arthritis. Click here for some exercises proved to strengthen the muscles supporting joints of the knees. Please note one person’s recovery rate may be different from another. If you participate in sport before you are fully recovered, you may increase the risk of developing osteoarthritis in the future. Research shows that this is particularly true for youths.

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Have your voice heard to create “patient centred” health care

Summit Report Title PageThe Canadian Medical Association (CMA), the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) and the Health Action Lobby (HEAL) have convened a Health Providers Steering Committee to review the way health care is delivered in Canada. Among the criticisms of our health care system is that health care is designed from the provider’s point of view. Another critique is that nationally, delivery of care lacks coordination and integration between federal government, provinces, territories, and municipalities.

During the two summits (May 2012 and February 2013), the CMA, the CNA, and HEAL, together with patients, developed five foundations for integrated and effective health care for patients. They are: Continue reading

CRA Interview Series 2014: Dr. Janis McCaffrey – Thoughts from a doctor living with lupus

Arthritis Broadcast Network’s “CRA Interview Series 2014″: Dr. Janis McCaffrey – Thoughts from a doctor living with lupus

Today’s interview features Dr. Janis McCaffrey, a general practitioner and person living with lupus in B.C. She shares her thoughts on traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, social media in health care and immunization. Please note you should always consult your doctor and rheumatologist before starting a new treatment plan.

Consumer “reporters” interviewed more than 30 leading professionals at the Arthritis Broadcast Network Booth (ABN) during last month’s Canadian Rheumatology Association and Arthritis Health Professions annual meetings (CRA). Starting March 14, feature interviews will be posted daily on the ABN YouTube channel at We invite everyone to share the interviews with their networks to strengthen the public profile of arthritis leaders in Canada.