Living your best life with arthritis.

Spotlight on Arthritis Superheroes

SuperheroesToday, the “Spotlight on Arthritis Superheroes” is directed on Helena Madsen of Chronic Marriage. 

Chronic Marriage is a blog run by Helena Madsen, a wife, mother, writer, and counselor who lives with Muscular Dystrophy, symptoms of which are similar to those experienced in arthritis and include poor balance with frequent falls, difficulty walking, and a limited range of movement. Helena is all about living with chronic illness AND an extraordinary marriage.

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Arthritis in the News

Arthritis is a hot topic in the news this Arthritis Awareness Month.

Cheryl Koehn, president of Arthritis Consumer Experts and Dr. Kam Shojania of the Arthritis Research Centre of Canada (ARC), were recently interviewed on Breakfast Television – Vancouver. Press play on the video above to watch the interview.

Shortly following that, CTV News’ Eric Longley donned the “RA Experience Suit” and wandered around Ottawa’s Byward Market, getting a glimpse into what it’s like to live with rheumatoid arthritis. Click on “Suiting up for a Cause” to watch him attempt simple actions that most people not living with arthritis take for granted.

And just yesterday, the Richmond Review published an editorial article entitled, “Great work being done at arthritis research centre” about the Government of British Columbia’s donation of $3 million dollars to ARC to help further developments in arthritis prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. For more information on the government’s announcement, please click here.

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Spotlight on Arthritis Superheroes

SuperheroesToday, the “Spotlight on Arthritis Superheroes” is directed on Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy.

RA Guy’s rheumatoid arthritis started when he was in his 20’s. His heels were in pain and his knees creaked. In the winter time, his RA symptoms became worse. In his 30’s, his pain never went away and he was unable to use his knees. Finally, after many visits to a doctor, he came across a rheumatologist who confirmed that he had rheumatoid arthritis.

Since his diagnosis, RA Guy has learned a lot about rheumatoid arthritis.

“I learned what TENS means. I gained weight. I regained the use of my knees. I got on meds. I got off meds. I got back on meds. I started doing yoga. I lost a lot of weight. I started taking hot baths. I started sleeping with wool socks. I started taking lots of NSAIDs. I started having stomach problems. I got depressed. I started wearing ankle braces. I started wearing wrist braces. I got happy. I started meditating. I started writing positive affirmations. I started pacing myself through my day-to-day activities. I went into remission. I came out of remission. I had lots of flares. I started therapy. I started getting early joint damage. I started this blog. Most importantly, I started to learn how to LIVE with rheumatoid arthritis.”

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AS it Goes – Arthritis is a Two-Way Street

Sign with one arrow pointing up and down to indicate a two-way street

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“People living with arthritis have a right to be heard,” says Fran, because “treating arthritis is a two-way street.”

September is Arthritis Awareness Month so I thought it appropriate that I scheduled a rheumatologist appointment to follow up some routine tests to check my physical wellbeing (bone density, blood work, etc.). In the waiting room I was pleased to see that my rheumy had displayed the new Arthritis Patient Charter created by the Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance (CAPA) with the support of Arthritis Consumer Experts, The Arthritis Society and the Canadian Spondylitis Association, to name a few partners. Continue reading

Spotlight on Arthritis Superheroes


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Today, in the first article of our “Spotlight on Arthritis Superheroes” series, we shine the spotlight on Helena Madsen and her blog, Chronic Marriage.

Chronic Marriage is a blog run by Helena Madsen, a wife, mother, writer, and counselor who lives with Muscular Dystrophy. Her blog is all about living with chronic illness AND helping couples build an extraordinary marriage. Continue reading

Prevent slips, trips and falls

In a previous post titled “Falls” more prominent in middle-aged to older adults with arthritis, we learned that the chances of falling are two or three times more likely in middle-aged and older adults living with arthritis in comparison to those without arthritis. The chances of getting injuries due to falls are also higher in this group. 

Man climbing up ladderFalls can cause a type of arthritis known as post-traumatic arthritis. Post-traumatic arthritis is caused by the wearing out of a joint that has had any kind of physical injury. Injuries include, but are not limited to, those from playing sports, a motor vehicle accident, and a fall. Poor treatment and rehabilitation of these injuries can cause damage to the cartilage and/or the bone, affecting the natural mechanics of the joint, making it wear out more easily and quickly. Continued injury to the same ligament or joint and excess body weight can exacerbate the wearing-out process.

Slips, trips and falls can occur anywhere – whether you are at work, playing sports, or taking a leisure walk around your neighbourhood. The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety defines slips, trips and falls as follow:

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