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World Arthritis Day: Vision 2043 Winners and Runner Ups

On Sunday, World Arthritis Day announced the winners and runner ups for their Vision 2043 competition. Below are the submissions for the winners and runner ups! Thank you to our friends in the community for sharing this campaign with friends and family and making World Arthritis Day a great success. Continue the conversation online with the hashtag #WorldArthritisDay.

Global Winner – By: Pavlina Pejkovska, Macedonia

Global Winner PictureA greater sense of cohesion between patients, their families and doctor

My vision for 2043 aspires towards the engagement and functional correlation of patients together with their families, their communities, but most of all, with their rheumatologists. These last dear helpers of ours have been given the task of  monitoring scientific developments in medicine, biochemistry, technology and ethics.

EU Winner (EULAR Country) – By: Argyri Stara, Greece

EU Winner PictureUnderstanding

What has made living with an RMD easier? When I was being given my first blood transfusion the stabbing pain penetrated my heart so violently that I covered my face with the pillow to hide the tears, and just when I thought I was about to faint, I felt someone remove the needle and put it in the other arm. My mom had brought in the nurse. When, for the first time, I needed to give myself injections and thought I could not do it, my sister said she had never done anything like it before. Just hearing that gave me the courage to give myself the first shot. When I was terrified that I might need a kidney transplant, my husband selflessly offered his. It’s excruciatingly difficult living with a severe form of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and its unexpected twists. Love, UNDERSTANDING and the support of my family have given me the strength to live with it for more than 14 years.

Runner Up – By: Roula Angelidaki, Greece

Runner Up 1 PictureAnti-fatigued MED (SEES)

Even on days when I can endure the pain, I feel fatigued, which means I don’t have the energy a person my age has in order to do simple everyday tasks. I would really like to see some medication/multivitamin that would combat fatigue and help me be as active I used to be. I long to be able to teach, cook, bake, keep my house spick-and-span, dance, go out, and so many other things that I used to do! My vision is that someday soon, something to eliminate fatigue will be developed, hopefully, long before 2043! SEES is a palindrome and an acronym for STRENGTH, ENERGY, ENDURANCE and STAMINA, which I terribly need!

Runner Up – By: Mireille Amaral, Portugal (This submission came with a video. It can be found on the top of this post.)

Runner Up 2 PictureI Still Have the Power

Com este pequeno filme quero transmitir a todos aqueles que padecem de uma doença músculo-esquelética que, desde que tenhamos o poder de fazer o que mais gostamos na vida, não devemos, nunca, perder a esperança. With this little video I want to say to all who suffer from a musculoskeletal disease that, provided we have the power to do what we love most in life, we must never lose hope.