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Thank you to our friends at the CRA Annual Scientific Meeting!

Thank you NoteThank you to the rheumatologists, patients, scientists, researchers, and various medical professionals who attended the Canadian Rheumatology Association’s (CRA) 70th Annual Scientific Meeting at the Chateau Frontenac in Québec City. To everyone who followed us on our social media channels during the conference, we welcome you to continue the conversation with #CRArthritis15.

Arthritis Consumer Experts and representatives from the Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance, the Canadian Spondylitis Association and the Arthritis Patient Advisory Board of Arthritis Research Canada were at the Arthritis Broadcast Network booth at the meeting to share the arthritis consumer perspective.Throughout the four days of the conference, the ABN interviewed rheumatologists, patient representatives, and other medical professionals on the latest treatment options, patient-doctor participation in the healthcare system, disease-specific topics, the use of technology and social media in healthcare, and the latest in arthritis research. We look forward to sharing the video interviews with you in the coming month in a series called “CRA Interview Series 2015”. Stay tuned!

The highlights from this year’s CRA meeting included:

  • A Dunlop-Dottridge Lecture by guest speaker James T. Rosenbaum titled “HLA B27, the Microbiome, and the Pathogenesis of Spondyloarthritis”
  • A State of the Art Lecture by guest speaker Virginia Pascual titled “A Genomic Approach to Understanding Rheumatic Disease”
  • A State of the Art Lecture by guest speaker Michael Vallis titled “Modifiable Risk Factors in RA: You Can Lead a Horse to Water But…”
  • A graphic recording of key presentations from the conference by SaraGrafix
  • The CRA’s Great Debate: “Treat Pre-RA” vs. “Not Treat Pre-RA”
  • A chance to visit the Québec Winter Carnival, happening from January 30 to February 15

Graphic Recording Artwork 1

Modifiable Risk

Congratulations to the CRA for achieving new milestones this year, including the largest attendance at a CRA meeting. As well, congratulations to the following CRA 2015 Award Recipients:

  • Carter Thorne – Distinguished Rheumatologist Award
  • Hani El-Gabalawy – Distinguished Investigator Award
  • Andrew E. Thompson – Teacher-Educator Award
  • Sindhu Johnson – Young Investigator Award