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What has ACE done for you lately?

What has ACE done for you lately? Here’s a few highlights during Arthritis Awareness Month in Canada.

Vote XArthritis VOTES!

The delivery of healthcare may be a provincial responsibility, but the federal government also plays a significant role in funding healthcare and shaping healthcare policies.

To help our members and subscribers compare healthcare platforms, we asked the Conservative Party of Canada, the New Democratic Party of Canada, the Liberal Party of Canada and the Green Party of Canada the same four questionsabout top healthcare issues for Canadians living with arthritis. ACE is posting responses on our website
Walk10Blocks LogoWant to be a Walk10Blocks app tester?

Arthritis Consumer Experts has partnered with the Canadian Association for Retired Persons (CARP) and the Alzheimer’s Society of BC to develop an easy-to-use iPhone app to help people become more physically active through walking called “Walk10Blocks”.

Help us by joining the “Walk10Blocks” community and test the app. To be one of the first Canadians to test this app during a seven-day trial, all you need is an iPhone 5s or 6 running iOS8 or later and five minutes of your time every other day to answer brief survey questions about your experience using the test app. Your participation will help shape the final development of the app before it is placed in the Apple iTunes store.

Please send an email to to pre-register to be a “Walk10Blocks” test app user.

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