Living your best life with arthritis.

Include exercise in your mall routine

Picture of a woman holding onto a shopping bagThere are many ways to include exercise in your mall routine. By turning daily tasks into an exercise routine, you will be able to improve your overall strength. Many Canadians visit the mall on December 26, also known as Boxing Day in Canada, to find deals on electronic, clothing, and entertainment goods and services. Like the Black Friday sale event down in the United States, the shopping centres are packed with people. The mall also provides a free and dry environment for walking when the weather makes road conditions unsafe for outdoor exercise. Below are some ways you can incorporate and optimize exercise while shopping:

  1. Go shopping with a friend. When you are shopping with friends, you forget about time and will end up walking around the mall longer, burning more calories.
  2. To avoid the crowds, go early so you can exercise more effectively. If you do go during busy times, think of it as maneuvering your way through an obstacle course.
  3. Park further away to add more walking time.
  4. Use the stairs instead of elevator and escalator. Climbing stairs is can help you burn calories and tone muscles.
  5. Use the benches at the mall for stretching or strengthening and conditioning exercises.
  6. Use shopping bags as walking weights. Ensure both sides are of equal weight.
  7. Listen to music to motivate and pace your walk.
  8. Set goals for yourself, using stores or flights of stairs as reference points.
  9. Opt in for healthy food that will boost your energy levels.
  10. Wear proper shoes.

To learn more about exercise and arthritis, please listen to this podcast by Dr. Linda Li.

The 40 minute program provides the consumer/public listener with information on the benefits of exercise and arthritis. Topics include:

General exercise benefits

  • Heart/lungs
  • Weight loss/weight maintenance
  • Strength
  • Inflammation
  • Pain
  • Self-esteem

Benefits of exercise for RA, AS, PsA, OA

  • types of safe exercise for the person with arthritis
  • protecting ones joints during exercise
  • preparing to exercise safely (joint protection, warm up/cool down, etc.)
  • after exercise strategies to prevent joint pain and stiffness