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#CRArthritis Speaker’s Corner – Interviews on patient advocacy

Each of us has the power to change arthritis—together, we can change the way arthritis is perceived by the public, portrayed in the media, and understood by government. As people with arthritis, and their family members and friends, the arthritis community is in a unique position to provide media, government, and healthcare decision-makers with the real story of arthritis.

But none of us can do this alone. One or two voices may be easy to ignore, but speaking together we are powerful. The voice of arthritis—the voices of all of the people who live with the disease, or care about someone who does—is strong and getting stronger every day.

Please take the time to view the interviews below on patient advocacy and learn what passionate people and patient organizations are doing to promote arthritis awareness. Learn the facts about arthritis, and about the discrimination that people with arthritis face every day. Think about your own story, or the story of someone you love. When you’re ready, join with us and take action.

Challenge the misperceptions. Speak up. Tell your story. Change arthritis.

The interviews below are conducted as part of the “CRA Interview Series 2017 – Facebook Live #CRArthritis Speaker’s Corner” event at the CRA Annual Scientific Meeting & AHPA Annual Meeting in Ottawa earlier this month. 

Interview 1 – Cheryl Koehn from Arthritis Consumer Experts interviews Michelle McLean from Hill+Knowlton Strategies about public relations and disease advocacy in relations to arthritis.

Interview 2 – Michael Mallinson from the Canadian Spondylitis Association interviews Janet Yale from the Arthritis Society about the latest news coming from the Arthritis Society.

Interview 6 – We gathered all the patient groups for a quick interview at the Canadian Rheumatology Association Annual Meeting. Cheryl Koehn from Arthritis Consumer Experts has a heart felt conversation with Michael Mallinson from the Canadian Spondylitis Association and Linda Wilhelm from the Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance about the latest news and events coming out from each organization.

Interview 8 – Cheryl Koehn interviews Kelly English from the Arthritis Patient Advisory Board of Arthritis Research Canada about arthritis, patient participation in research and advocacy.