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February 21-23: Join us for our #CRArthritis Facebook and Twitter Live event!

#CRArthritis Facebook and Twitter Live BannerWant to know what Canada’s leading rheumatologists are thinking? Join us for our #CRArthritis Facebook and Twitter Live event! 

Arthritis Consumer Experts hosts the #CRArthritis Facebook and Twitter Live event

Powered by ACE and supported by representatives from the Arthritis Patient Advisory Board of Arthritis Research Canada and the Canadian Spondylitis Association, Arthritis Broadcast Network (ABN) will be interviewing keynote speakers, meeting attendees, patients living with arthritis, and disease experts. We invite you to participate in the Facebook and Twitter Live event. Like, share and retweet the live interviews, send us your comments or questions through Facebook and Twitter during the interviews.

Join the conversation at the Arthritis Broadcast Network Facebook page or Twitter (@ArthritisNetwrk) feed using #CRArthritis. Interviews will take place from Wednesday, February 21st until Friday, February 23rd.

Discussion topics include:

  • Latest advances in the treatment and care of rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, psoriatic arthritis, osteoarthritis and much more;
  • Personalized medicine and arthritis;
  • Discussions with leading physiotherapists and occupational therapists;
  • Use of social media in arthritis patient care and medical research;
  • Getting to know your arthritis consumer-patient community;
  • And much more!

Email your questions in advance to or ask them “live” during the event – we look forward to your participation!

CRA Interview Series 2014 – Dr. Gordon Dow: Infectious Disease and Arthritis

Arthritis Broadcast Network’s “CRA Interview Series 2014” – Dr. Gordon Dow: Infectious Disease and arthritis

Today’s first interview features Dr. Gordon Dow, an Infectious Disease Specialist from Moncton, New Brunswick. He shares with us the relation of infectious disease and arthritis. Dow also provide his insights on which vaccinations can help a patient in the future.

Consumer “reporters” interviewed more than 30 leading professionals at the Arthritis Broadcast Network Booth (ABN) during last month’s Canadian Rheumatology Association and Arthritis Health Professions annual meetings (CRA). Starting March 14, feature interviews will be posted daily on the ABN YouTube channel at We invite everyone to share the interviews with their networks to strengthen the public profile of arthritis leaders in Canada.

EULAR 2013: Hand osteoarthritis may increase risk of heart disease

At the EULAR 2013, Dr. Ida K Haugen reported that hand osteoarthritis may increase the risk of heart disease. EULAR is the European League Against Rheumatism. They are hosting the Annual European Congress of Rheumatology in Madrid, Spain from June 12-15.

EULAR logoThe congress is a platform for the exchange of scientific and clinical information in Europe.  It is allows for fruitful interaction between medical doctors, scientists, people living with arthritis, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare professionals.

1,348 participants participated in the Framingham Heart Study. According to Rheumatology News, the study found more than double the incidence of coronary heart disease among individuals with symptomatic hand OA, compared with those without hand OA (hazard ratio, 2.26; 95% confidence interval, 1.22-4.18).

“We hypothesized that the association between hand OA and coronary heart disease could be mediated through metabolic factors, such as hyperlipidemia and diabetes, or a more sedate lifestyle due to generalized OA,” Dr. Haugen said in an interview with Rheumatology News.

Dr. Kam Shojania speaks about annual conference of rheumatologists

While at the 2013 Canadian Rheumatology Association Annual Scientific Meeting, the ABN interviewed rheumatologists with several questions, including about the value they get from attending this conference. Here is what Dr. Kam Shojania, ARC researcher and head of the Division of Rheumatology at the University of British Columbia, had to say.

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Educating physicians about medicinal cannabis

Terry Roycroft, president and CEO of Medicinal Cannabis Resource Centre Inc. (MCRCI), was at the  21st Annual Rural and Remote Medicine Course “Sea To Sea To Sea” to raise awareness amongst physicians. In this video, he tells ABN about the many reasons he was there, including:

  • To spread information about medicinal cannabis.
  • To explain how Health Canada’s medicinal cannabis program works.
  • To talk about pain management for arthritis.
  • To inform physicians about a clinical trial for a topical pain treatment.

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Arthritis: A Street View

The Arthritis Broadcast Network (ABN) recently attended the 21st Annual Rural and Remote Medicine Course “Sea To Sea To Sea”, which is a conference for rural physicians. We were there with the National Arthritis Awareness Program (NAAP) and Arthritis Consumer Experts (ACE) to help raise awareness about arthritis among rural physicians. To learn more about our time at the event, please click on this post.

One of the goals while there was to interview rural physicians, but we also took the opportunity to talk to the public about what they knew on the topic of arthritis.

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Orthopedic surgeon talks about rural health

While at the recent 21st Annual Rural and Remote Medicine Course “Sea To Sea To Sea”, a conference for rural and remote physicians that was held in Victoria, BC this year, ABN representatives interviewed attendees. One of them was Dr. Christopher Parfitt, a rural orthopedic surgeon from central British Columbia.

He answered two questions:

* How long does it take for a patient from a rural community to see an orthopedic surgeon and does that compare to the situation for people who live in urban centres?

* How do you think TeleHealth will benefit people in rural and remote communities?

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Interview on arthritis healthcare for kids

Meet Dr. Lori Tucker. She is a pediatric rheumatologist — a doctor who treats and cares for kids with arthritis — with the British Columbia Children’s Hospital. While at the 2013 Canadian Rheumatology Association Annual Scientific Meeting recently, the Arthritis Broadcast Network (ABN) interviewed her, as well as several other rheumatologists (arthritis specialists). In this video Dr. Tucker speaks about the pharmacist’s role in arthritis healthcare in Canada. Also she talks about the transition from pediatric care to adult care for teens with arthritis.

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Dr. Lori Tucker also recently featured in a JointHealth™ web workshop about children and arthritis. Click here to watch it.