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Biomarker tests to help detect rheumatoid arthritis

hand holding test vialTreating rheumatoid arthritis (RA) early and aggressively is vitally important and can help to prevent crippling joint damage. Today specialists recommend a treatment plan that includes education, medication-often a combination of several different types of medication will be used in a person’s treatment plan-social support, appropriate amounts of range-of-motion, cardiovascular and muscle strengthening exercises, rest, vitamins and mineral supplements and a well-balanced diet. Biomarker tests may also help to detect RA and prevent further joint damage.

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Medical lab-in-a-suitcase to diagnose arthritis?

Lab TestAmit Bhatnagar of New Delhi has designed a medical lab-in-a-suitcase that helps to diagnose arthritis.  Bhatnagar is a former business consultant at Universal Studio’s IIT-Roorkee.

“It is a complete compact lab in a suitcase with power backup. It has been designed to perform 23 vital blood tests for kidney, liver, heart, anaemia, diabetes and arthritis accurately, cost-effectively and timely,” Bhatnagar said in an interview with a reporter from The Times of India. Continue reading