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The ARThritis Soirée will be at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver on Thursday, May 17

Arthritis Soiree for Arthritis Research CanadaHosted by Arthritis Research Canada, the ARThritis Soirée is an evening designed to attract the city’s business and community leaders, philanthropists, doctors, scientists, healthcare professionals, and those who have an appreciation of art and a desire to support arthritis research.

Research has shown art adds to one’s well-being and therefore is a great element in managing chronic diseases on a holistic level. Moreover, art adds an extra factor of excitement and depth to the Soirée each year with the introduction of a different art form.

This year’s event will take place on Thursday, May 17, 2018 at The Roof – 15th floor at Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. The evening’s entertainment will feature Colin James with a guest appearance by RBC Olympian Spencer O’Brien. Fred Lee, CBC, Vancouver Courier and The Province’s Man About Town, and Sonia Deol, Global BC Reporter and Anchor, will be co-emcees for the event. Click here to purchase tickets.

For those attending, remember to participate in the live and silent auction and raffle. The raffle will be for Tag Heuer Carrera Automatic watch, donated by Golden Tree Jewellers. Live auction items include: Continue reading

Nous sommes les #ArthritisOlympians – Que les Jeux d’hiver commencent !

Participez aux Jeux olympiques et paralympiques d’hiver 2018 à titre de #ArthritisOlympians

Le comité ACE (Arthritis Consumer Experts) a mis sur pied la campagne #ArthritisOlympians afin de soutenir les athlètes des Jeux olympiques et paralympiques d’hiver 2018 et de souligner le caractère « olympique » des efforts que doivent fournir quotidiennement toutes les personnes atteintes d’arthrite.

#ArthritisOlympians BannerL’entraînement rigoureux fait partie de la préparation aux Jeux pour les athlètes olympiques, mais au-delà de l’entraînement pour un événement particulier, tout, du régime alimentaire au repos en passant par une bonne santé mentale, est un élément important du succès anticipé. Les Olympiens comptent sur le soutien de leur équipe, sur les soins du personnel médical et sur les conseils de leur entraîneur pour s’assurer d’être bien préparés pour tous les défis qui les attendent. Les patients arthritiques passent par des pratiques similaires toute leur vie. Nous sommes les #ArthritisOlympians, faisant face à la douleur et la fatigue et comptant sur le soutien de notre équipe de soins pour surmonter nos défis quotidiens.

La campagne #ArthritisOlympians se poursuivra pendant toute la période des Jeux olympiques et paralympiques d’hiver 2018, soit du 9 février au 9 mars 2018. Tout au long de cette campagne, nous ferons un parallèle entre la façon dont les athlètes olympiques et les #ArthritisOlympians gèrent leur santé pour atteindre le meilleur d’eux-mêmes.

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We are #ArthritisOlympians – Let the Winter Games begin!

Participate in the 2018 Winter Olympics and Paralympics as #ArthritisOlympians

Arthritis Consumer Experts (ACE) has created the #ArthritisOlympians campaign to support athletes in the 2018 Winter Olympics and Paralympics games and recognize that people living with arthritis are Olympians in their own sense.

#ArthritisOlympians BannerOlympic athletes must train rigorously in preparation for the Games. Beyond training for their specific event, everything from diet, rest and mental health are keys to success. Olympians rely on support from their team, care from medical staff and guidance from coaches to ensure they are prepared for all challenges that may come their way. Arthritis patients use similar practices in their lives. We are #ArthritisOlympians – confronting pain and fatigue with the support of our healthcare team to overcome daily challenges.

The #ArthritisOlympians campaign runs during the 2018 Winter Olympics and Paralympics games from February 9-March 18. Throughout the campaign, we will highlight the parallel ways Olympians, and #ArthritisOlympians manage their health to achieve their personal bests.

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Canoeing and kayaking can be beneficial for joints

Man in a kayakCanoeing and kayaking are good exercises for people with arthritis because they are low-impact sports that reduce wear-and-tear on joints and tissues.

After his diagnosis with arthritis, Nova Scotia resident Nick LeBlanc refused to give up on sports and participates in paddling sports like kayaking. Childhood arthritis affects three in 1,000 children in Canada. LeBlanc was playing in a tournament when a swollen knee eventually led a visit to the ER, where doctors referred him to a rheumatologist and he was diagnosed with arthritis.

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From the Olympics to the ARThritis Soirée

Hristo demonstrating fencing with his studentWhat does one do after the Olympics? That is the question of the day for the Arthritis Olympic Village. For Bulgarian fencer Hristo Etropolski, it’s about establishing your own fencing club and participating in meaningful fundraiser galas such as the ARThritis Soirée.

The ARThritis Soirée is an annual fundraising gala to attract Vancouver’s most prominent business and community leaders, philanthropists, doctors, scientists, healthcare professionals, and donors through an appreciation of art and a desire to support arthritis research. Continue reading