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#CRArthritis Speaker’s Corner – The road to become a rheumatologist

A screen capture of Cheryl Koehn and future rheumatologist Kelsey ChomistekIn 2008, a rheumatology workforce analysis report published by the American College of Rheumatology Workforce Study Advisory Group concluded:

Based on assessment of supply and demand under current scenarios, the demand for rheumatologists is expected to exceed supply in the coming decades. Strategies for the profession to adapt to this changing health care landscape include increasing the number of fellows each year, utilizing physician assistants and nurse practitioners in greater numbers, and improving practice efficiency.

Fast forward to 2015

The 2015 ACR/ARHP Workforce Study of Rheumatology Specialists in the United States projects a shortage of 3,845 rheumatologists in the U.S. by 2025, an increase from the 2005 ACR Workforce Study, which projected a shortage of 2,576 rheumatologists. Reasons for the shortage include: Continue reading

What has ACE done for you lately?

Picture of Cheryl Koehn and Linda WillhelmPromoting arthritis one tweet at a time

ACE helped lead social media activity in support of the Arthritis Alliance of Canada’s (AAC) 2015 Annual Meeting and Research Symposium. ACE’s analytics found more than 600,000 impressions (sets of eye) were reached through Twitter conversations throughout the two-day meeting.

ACE produced a social media (Twitter and Facebook) deck, full of rich knowledge translation content, for all AAC members to use through their individual and organizational Twitter and Facebook communications efforts.

Thank you for voting!

Thank you to all who made it out to vote on October 19, 2015. Arthritis consumers helped make this the highest voter turnout in 22 years. ACE also wants to thank the 1,792 Canadians who stepped up and ran as candidates. ACE is sending congratulatory letters to the 338 elected MPs, beginning the effort to raise awareness at a federal level. We also will be following up on the commitments the Liberal Party made in its response to the ACE election questionnaire and look forward to meeting with government officials.

CRA Interview Series 2015 – Dr. Majed Khraishi: What’s App Doc?

Canadian Rheumatology Association (CRA) and Allied Health Professions Association (AHPA) Interview Series 2015

Today’s feature interview – Dr. Majed Khraishi: What’s App Doc? Making sense of health information technology applications in clinical practice

ABN reporters from Canada’s arthritis consumer organizations interviewed leading health professionals and researchers during last month’s CRA and AHPA annual meetings.

Beginning March 9, feature interviews will be posted on the ABN YouTube channel Please help us raise awareness about the important work going on in Canada by sharing the interviews with your organizational and social networks.

About Dr. Majed Khraishi


picture of Majed Khraishi

Picture from Nexus Clinical Research

Dr. Majed Khraishi is the Medical Director at Nexus Clinical Research in St. John’s. He is also a Clinical Professor of Medicine (Rheumatology) at the Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN). After graduating from Ain Shams University in Egypt, he did his Internal Medicine Residency at Memorial University of Newfoundland. He then moved on to do a Fellowship in Rheumatology at the University of Toronto after practicing as a general internist for two years. He is involved in medical education and clinical research and completed a sabbatical at Stanford University in 1995-1996 researching the GI side effects of NSAIDs in rheumatoid arthritis. His interests are the therapeutics of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, psoriatic arthritis, and systemic lupus erythematosus. His accomplishments include being a principal investigator in over 60 pharmaceutical-sponsored therapeutic clinical studies in rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, psoriatic arthritis and chronic pain. Continue reading

CRA Interview Series 2014: Dr. Chris Lyddell – Social media and the rheumatologist

Arthritis Broadcast Network’s “CRA Interview Series 2014”: Dr. Chris Lyddell – Social media and the rheumatologist

Today’s interview features Dr. Christopher Lyddell, a rheumatologist from Grande Prairie, Alberta. Dr. Lyddell gives us insights on how to best optimize the use of social media in rheumatology from a rheumatologist and a patient’s point-of-view. How can we make social media work for us?

Consumer “reporters” interviewed more than 30 leading professionals at the Arthritis Broadcast Network Booth (ABN) during last month’s Canadian Rheumatology Association and Arthritis Health Professions annual meetings (CRA). Starting March 14, feature interviews will be posted daily on the ABN YouTube channel at We invite everyone to share the interviews with their networks to strengthen the public profile of arthritis leaders in Canada.