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Viruses transmitted by mosquitos are associated with infectious arthritis

Mosquito warning signage - infectious arthritisViral infections are responsible for approximately 1% of all cases of infectious arthritis. These infections include parvovirus B19, HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, hepatitis E, human T-lymphotrophic virus type-1, and arboviruses. Infectious arthritis can last for hours or days and is marked by pain, heat, rash, redness, and swelling. Some people, particularly the elderly, will experience fever and chills. Most infectious arthritis cases involve only one joint and more than half of these affect the knee. It can also affect the wrists, ankles, shoulders, hips, and spine.

According to Everyday Health, infectious arthritis occurs when germs invade the joint due to:

  • animal or insect bites
  • skin infections
  • injury to the joint
  • bacterial infection during surgery
  • spread from a nearby infection
  • blood stream infection

People with an increased risk of getting infectious arthritis include people who: Continue reading

JointHealth™ monthly: Having summer fun with arthritis

JointHealth monthly Title PageJointHealth™ monthly: Having summer fun with arthritis

The key ingredients to a healthy dose of summer fun include taking care of your body by eating well, maintaining a healthy body weight, adhering to your treatment therapy, and doing the right kinds of exercise properly.

In this issue of JointHealth™ monthly, you will find out the benefits of outdoor summer exercise for people living with arthritis and learn ways in which people living with arthritis can enjoy summer. As well, you will learn:

  • How to play tennis or golf safely with arthritis.
  • How you can optimize your biking experience.
  • What you can do to minimize pain when travelling, camping, or hiking with arthritis.
  • Which beach and poolside books or films offer insights into living with arthritis.
  • How you can help raise awareness for arthritis during Arthritis Awareness Month in Canada in September by downloading the ArthritisID and ArthritisID PRO apps.