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An important arthritis read before you vote

The BC provincial election is on May 9, 2017 – Vote for arthritis!

BC Election - Vote forArthritis Consumer Experts (ACE) asked British Columbia’s political parties, leaders and candidates to share their views on how to improve arthritis prevention, treatment and care.

Arthritis affects 1 in 5 British Columbia residents and is the leading cause of disability in the province. The economic burden of arthritis is expected to double within a generation and strain the BC health system’s ability to provide quality care to BC patients with arthritis.

ACE sent an open letter and survey to all candidates and political parties running in the upcoming May 9th British Columbia provincial election. ACE has received party responses from the BC Liberal Party, BC NDP, BC Green Party, BC Citizens First Party and the BC New Republican Party to questions regarding models of care, osteoarthritis education, aboriginal arthritis care, reimbursement for inflammatory arthritis medications and flexible work arrangements. To view a political party’s response, click on the links below.

To view all candidate and party responses, please visit ACE’s BC Election 2017 page and please vote on May 9th. We encourage you to:

  • Circulate this survey and candidate responses to friends, family, healthcare professionals, and your local media.
  • Reach out to your candidates; here are tips on how to communicate with your electoral candidates, please visit our “Taking Action” page and click on “What You Can Do“.

What has ACE done for you lately?

Picture of Cheryl Koehn and Linda WillhelmPromoting arthritis one tweet at a time

ACE helped lead social media activity in support of the Arthritis Alliance of Canada’s (AAC) 2015 Annual Meeting and Research Symposium. ACE’s analytics found more than 600,000 impressions (sets of eye) were reached through Twitter conversations throughout the two-day meeting.

ACE produced a social media (Twitter and Facebook) deck, full of rich knowledge translation content, for all AAC members to use through their individual and organizational Twitter and Facebook communications efforts.

Thank you for voting!

Thank you to all who made it out to vote on October 19, 2015. Arthritis consumers helped make this the highest voter turnout in 22 years. ACE also wants to thank the 1,792 Canadians who stepped up and ran as candidates. ACE is sending congratulatory letters to the 338 elected MPs, beginning the effort to raise awareness at a federal level. We also will be following up on the commitments the Liberal Party made in its response to the ACE election questionnaire and look forward to meeting with government officials.

ACE “Vote for Arthritis” Survey Results

Vote for Arthritis Banner

ACE “Vote for Arthritis” Survey Results: Where the parties stand on arthritis health issues

One of the longest federal election campaigns in Canadian history is heading for the home stretch in a tight contest between the three major parties. To help you understand where the Conservative Party of Canada, New Democratic Party of Canada, and the Liberal Party of Canada stand on important issues for Canadians living with arthritis, ACE asked the major parties to complete a survey. The Conservative Party is the only party that did not respond.

Here is a summary of responses to ACE’s survey from the Liberal Party of Canada and the New Democratic Party. You can review the ACE survey results in full here.

Does your party think standardized models of arthritis care is necessary? If so, what should the key components of this model be?
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MPs in the United Kingdom become “Arthritis Champions”

The letter X in a boxArthritis Research UK’s Arthritis Champion campaign had a successful turnout in its second-ever parliamentary reception. The event aimed to raise awareness of the needs of people with arthritis and highlight the challenges to limiting its impact. At the event, twenty-seven MPs (members of parliament) signed up to be Arthritis Champions.

When a MP commits to becoming an Arthritis Champion, they are supporting the Prevent, Transform, Cure – the Arthritis Research UK manifesto. The manifesto calls for decision makers to put in place policies that will lead to the prevention and cure of musculoskeletal conditions while transforming the service provided to those that live with them.

According to the website, the manifesto calls for politicians to take action by: Continue reading