Canada’s leading National Arthritis Awareness Program (NAAP) delivers meaningful tools to initiate conversations about arthritis between you and your healthcare professionals. With the appropriate tools and knowledge you can discuss treatment, prevention and management to live your best life with arthritis.

Arthritis Broadcast Network (ABN) is your daily source for arthritis news, information, and stories.

Also available are two free, comprehensive arthritis apps for iPhone and iPod touch – ArthritisID (for the public) and ArthritisID PRO (for healthcare professionals). View the ArthritisID Feature Sheet and the ArthritisID PRO Feature Sheet. Joint exam videos from the apps are also available for viewing on the Arthritis Broadcast Network YouTube Channel.

The program has provided resource materials, information and tools to help you get informed, get educated, and spread the word about arthritis. We encourage you to share these messages and materials about arthritis treatment and prevention with fellow consumers, patients and healthcare professionals.

Our point-of-practice arthritis tool has been revised with the most up-to-date classification criteria for arthritis detection and diagnosis, developed by leading clinical researchers Drs. Gillian Hawker, Jolanda Cibere and John Esdaile, in consultation with the Canadian Rheumatology Association and The Arthritis Society. It is a practical tool incorporating evidence-based information to support arthritis diagnosis and management that can be used in your daily practice.

Download a version of our full colour and printer-friendly evidence-based, arthritis point-of-practice tool:

If you would like to order a tool for your practice, please contact us at with your full name and mailing address.


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