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Great news for ACE’s scientific advisor, Arthritis Research Canada

New Canadian Institutes of Health Research funding, awards, and promotions at Arthritis Research Canada will advance arthritis research, treatment and care

Two kids in the sun with hands held highACE’s scientific advisor, Arthritis Research Canada (ARC), has been awarded two Canadian Institutes of Health Research Knowledge to Action grants. Here are the names of the award recipients and a brief explanation of their research projects:

  • Dr. Deborah Marshall’s research, entitled “Building Partnerships to Improve Care of Early Knee Osteoarthritis Patients: Co-developing a Risk Management Tool” aims to develop a tool to help family physicians to motivate people with early osteoarthritis of the knee to institute life-style changes at a time when they can make a difference to the progress of the disease.
  • Dr. Paul Fortin’s research, entitled “Dissemination of the Lupus Interactive Navigator (LIN) – Measuring its Uptake and Impact on Global Health and Self-Care” will be devoted to developing an online tool to facilitate and support engagement, coping and self-management in people with lupus.

The following researchers at ARC have each been awarded a prestigious award from the science community: Continue reading

JointHealth™ insight: Nouvelles récentes sur les décisions…

…d’inclusion pour remboursement aux listes provinciales de médicaments

Nouvelles importantes pour les personnes atteintes de formes d’arthrite inflammatoire au Canada

Dans ce numéro du JointHealth™ insight, le comité ACE (Arthritis Consumer Experts) rend compte pour vous des toutes dernières nouvelles sur les décisions d’inclusion aux listes provinciales de médicaments. Il contient les renseignements à propos des modifications aux listes provinciales de médicaments assurés et leur impact sur les Canadiennes et Canadiens aux prises avec une forme d’arthrite inflammatoire. Ces modifications abordées dans cette mise à jour affectent directement les personnes atteintes de polyarthrite rhumatoïde (PR), de spondylarthrite ankylosante (SA), d’arthrite psoriasique (APs) et d’arthrite juvénile idiopathique (AJI).

Map of Canada in FrenchManitoba
Le médicament suivant a été ajouté à la liste des médicaments assurés par la province : Continue reading

JointHealth™ insight: The latest news on provincial drug formulary

In this issue of JointHealth™ insight, Arthritis Consumer Experts (ACE) maps out the latest news for you about provincial drug formulary listing decisions. It contains information about important changes to provincial drug formularies and what it means for Canadians living with inflammatory arthritis. The changes covered in this update affect people living with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), ankylosing spondylitis (AS), psoriatic arthritis (PsA) and juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA).

Map of Canada with highlights of changesManitoba
The following medication has been listed for reimbursement on the provincial drug formulary: Continue reading

Researchers, patients and government come together

Researchers, patients and government come together

The conversation on new reform from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research that impacts federal research funding continues.

Picture of pen and paperWe commend Minister Philpott for her request for the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) to convene a working meeting with key representatives of the research community to find common ground and move forward with solutions that address the issues around the quality and integrity of CIHR’s peer review system.

Minister Philpott’s actions are in response to views expressed within the health research community, and from patient organizations like Arthritis Consumer Experts (ACE).

All stakeholders in healthcare – governments, researchers, clinicians and patients – have an obligation to consider the impact of changes to the CIHR and Canada’s world-class standing in the scientific community and the benefits of health research for all Canadians.

Below is the message from Minister Philpott to Canada’s health research community: Continue reading

Happy 155th Birthday Nettie Stevens!

Happy 155th Birthday to Nettie Stevens!

science students workingGoogle paid a tribute to Nettie Stevens today. Stevens was a pioneering American female geneticist and one of the first to be recognized for her contribution to science. She had a brief career as a high school teacher for physiology and zoology before becoming a scientist. As a scientist, Stevens published about 40 papers and is credited for her success in expanding the field of embryology and genetics.

Do you have a favourite science teacher or researcher in your life? Share your stories about how this person inspires you.  Continue reading

Arthritis timebomb: Digital gadgets can “wear out” your joints

Image of hand over a computer keyboardTyping, texting, and gaming on digital gadgets are wearing out your joints. The ‘pain after texting’ phenomenon happens in both adults and children and leads to joint and wrist pains. According to hand surgeon Dr. Mark Ciaglia of Woodlands Center for Specialty Surgery in Texas, you can develop arthritis if you are excessively texting, emailing, and playing games on your digital devices. In an interview with UK’s Daily Mail, Ciaglia said: “With the advent of texting and video games and excessive use of computers and typing you’re wearing the joints out sooner so we’re actually seeing a shift in the demographics of patients that get the arthritis because they’re wearing their joints out so much sooner.” Continue reading