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AS it Goes – We are ALL Arthritis Athletes

Arthritis athletes

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The litany of famous athletes who suffer from various types of arthritis is long: golfers, cyclists, figure skaters, baseball stars, downhill skiers … you get the idea. There are countless athletes performing and competing at world-class levels in every imaginable sport. They do it all despite their arthritis and many have become high-profile and public supporters for their form of arthritis.

These athletes have found a way to compete at the highest echelon of their sport even as they suffer from the effects of arthritis. They do it with the aid of sports psychologists (keep attitudes positive), physiotherapists (keep joints limber), coaches (keep on the game), trainers (keep in top physical shape), medical personnel (keep tweaking meds), and maybe a financial advisor and a business agent too. On the other hand, we mere mortals must play all those roles (and more) by ourselves and all at the same time. The team behind us is far less comprehensive: probably a medical doc (rheumatologist) and then a bunch of friends and family cheering us on from the sidelines.

We are all arthritis athletes

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In recent years, arthritis research and advocacy organizations have made important inroads in creating public awareness about the many types of arthritis (and related inflammatory diseases). However, I think that there’s nothing like an athlete’s star power to help focus attention on arthritis, which until recently was not understood or even considered a “serious” disease by many health professionals.

Athletes are terrific ambassadors for spreading the word about arthritis; their personal stories provide comfort and inspiration about how they cope with their condition during their sports careers. They possess the ideal public platform to get out the message about arthritis’ deleterious impact on millions of lives. In bringing awareness to the seriousness of the disease, they also help to direct more dollars towards research and ultimately, a cure.

Fran HalterPersonally, we all deserve to consider ourselves as winners. Every day, we haul our pain around with us, we cope with hurting joints and aches, and the secondary effects created by various medications, including fatigue and depression. Unlike high-performing athletes, we do this without the benefit of a team of medical and/or health professionals. We participate as best we can in the “game” of life; we find our personal motivation and encouragement to keep moving. We may not run marathons, bolt down ski slopes at breakneck speeds, or drive a golf ball 300 yards, but we are all arthritis athletes in our own right. ~Fran

Le comité ACE sera présent à Québec, à la rencontre scientifique annuelle 2015 de la Société canadienne de rhumatologie et de l’Association des professionnels de la santé pour l’arthrite

CRA Title Page FrenchLe comité ACE sera présent à Québec, à la rencontre scientifique annuelle 2015 de la Société canadienne de rhumatologie et de l’Association des professionnels de la santé pour l’arthrite

Au cœur de l’actualité arthritique : la perspective du consommateur via le kiosque du Réseau de diffusion sur l’arthrite

Le comité ACE (Arthritis Consumer Experts) sera à Québec pour assister à la rencontre scientifique annuelle 2015 de la SCR et de l’APSA. Les deux rencontres, qui se tiennent les mercredi 4 février et samedi 7 février, rassemblent des rhumatologues et des professionnels de la santé de partout au Canada pour découvrir et partager les derniers progrès dans la recherche et les soins de l’arthrite. La rencontre se déroule pendant le Carnaval de Québec, l’un de carnavals d’hiver les plus importants au monde. Continue reading

ACE goes to Quebec City for the 2015 CRA Annual Scientific Meeting & AHPA Annual Meeting

CRA Title PageACE goes to Quebec City for the 2015 Canadian Rheumatology Association Annual Scientific Meeting & Arthritis Health Professions Association Annual Meeting

Making arthritis news: Sharing the consumer perspective through the Arthritis Broadcast Network Booth

Arthritis Consumer Experts (ACE) will be in Quebec City to attend the 2015 CRA Annual Scientific Meeting & AHPA Annual Meeting. The meetings, between Wednesday, February 4 and Saturday, February 7, bring rheumatologists and arthritis health professionals from all over Canada together to learn about and share the latest advances in arthritis research and care. The meeting also occurs during one of the world’s largest winter carnivals – the Quebec Winter Carnival. Continue reading

Mickelson: Mind over arthritis

Golf Bag CaddyMickelson’s mindset about his arthritis is one that everyone can follow, that is, mind over arthritis – not letting his arthritis stop his passion for golf. In an interview with the USA Today, he said: “I also find that the more I work out, the better I feel and the less symptoms I feel. So I’m excited. I feel better and better.” The 44-year-old, 42-time PGA Tour winners, five-time major champion and three-time winner in the Phoenix Open has been living with psoriatic arthritis since 2010.  Continue reading

Relationship between arthritis and depression

Woman in bedWith a record 122,150,772 million tweets, texts, calls and shares on Bell Let’s Talk Day, yesterday was a big milestone for Canada’s mental health initiatives – a total of $6,107,538.60 was raised. Arthritis Broadcast Network proudly joined the conversation to create awareness for how mental illness can affect those living with Fibromyalgia. Today, we highlight the relationship between arthritis and depression, specifically in rheumatoid arthritis. Continue reading

Arthritis Research Canada is seeking research participants!

Newspaper with computer mouseArthritis Research Canada is seeking participants to test a new online tool

Have you recently been recommended to take BIOLOGIC medications for Rheumatoid Arthritis? 

Arthritis Research Canada is looking for people with rheumatoid arthritis to test a new online tool that helps to make decisions about using biologic medications.

If you have been recommended to consider using a biologic by your doctor but have not started yet, Arthritis Research Canada invites you to participate in their study.

You may be eligible if you: Continue reading