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Now showing on the Arthritis Broadcast Network YouTube channel: “2020” #CRArthritis Interviews

Thank you for your participation in #CRArthritis. Help us keep this education initiative going by sharing the interviews with your family, friends, and colleagues.

On behalf of Arthritis Consumer Experts and our patient organization colleagues – Kelly English, Shanon McQuitty and Eileen Davidson from the Arthritis Patient Advisory Board of Arthritis Research Canada; Graeme Reed and Don Bindon from the Canadian Spondylitis Association; and Cheryl Koehn and Maya Joshi from Arthritis Consumer Experts – thank you for participating in Arthritis Broadcast Network’s (ABN) 5th Annual #CRArthritis event. The event informed and educated over 1 million people on Twitter and 6,500 people on Facebook over the 4-day conference.

We are excited to announce that all the interviews conducted at the 2020 Canadian Rheumatology Association and Arthritis Health Professions Annual Scientific Meeting are now available on the Arthritis Broadcast Network YouTube channel, under “#CRArthritis Facebook and Twitter Live 2020”. This year, ABN conducted 45 interviews (a new record!) featuring topics ranging from disease-specific research to studies on exercise and other self-care practices. A list of all the interviews, along with their individual links, can be found at the bottom of this email.

Please help us keep this education initiative going through Facebook and Twitter by using the “like”, “share”, and “comment” features and by sharing the interviews with your family, friends, and colleagues.

Thank you again for your participation in this year’s event. We look forward to your participation next year!


Cheryl Koehn, President, Arthritis Consumer Experts
Anita Chan, Programs Manager, Arthritis Consumer Experts and Producer, #CRArthritis

About ABN
Arthritis Broadcast Network is a multi-media platform for the arthritis community to share news, information and stories about living with arthritis. We welcome submissions from our community members and partners. To submit an article, photograph or video, or request to be interviewed, please email

1. Dr. Tom AppletonProgramming at the CRA & AHPA Annual
Scientific Meeting
2. Dr. Marie Clements-
3. Dr. Jackie
Osteoarthritis prevention and physiotherapy
in sports
4. Lindsay KnazanYoga therapy for arthritis
5. Ross DuncanScleroderma
6. Dr. Mark HarrisonScleroderma and health economics
7. Dr. Lihi EderEnthesis, psoriatic arthritis, and cardiology
and rheumatology
8. Dr. Paul Fortin
Lupus and psychosocial aspects of arthritis
9. Dr. Paul Fortin
Lupus and psychosocial aspects of arthritis
10. Dr. Vandana
Models of care in arthritis
11. Dr. Sasha
CAN-AIM and the Drug Safety Effectiveness
12. Dr. André LuquiniStaying at work with arthritis
13. Chris HawkeAdvanced physiotherapy and arthritis
14. Don BindonLiving with ankylosing spondylitis and
volunteering at the Canadian Spondylitis
15. Derin Karacabeyli Addressing weight management and smoking cessation in rheumatoid arthritis
16. Dr. Cheryl BarnabeEquity in healthcare and rheumatology care
17. Marie WestbyHip and knee rehabilitation care
18. Kelly EnglishNew and upcoming events at Arthritis
Research Canada
19. Dr. Gilles BoireRefractory monoarthritis
20. Dr. Cathy FlanaganBiosimilars Initiative in British Columbia
21. Nevena RebićSocial media and research, and pregnancy and
rheumatoid arthritis
22. Kelsey ChomistekResearch and life with juvenile idiopathic
23. Jennifer Wilson,
Kelsey Chomistek
Volunteer work and new and upcoming events at Cassie + Friends Society
24. Dr. Diane Lacaille,
Katherine McGuire
Workplace and arthritis; Medications and
quality of life
25. Dr. Amanda
Over-diagnosis and under-diagnosis in
arthritic diseases
26. Nicole AndersenStress, pain, and arthritis
27. Matthew JessomeClinical prediction tools in giant cell arteritis
28. Roxanne BennettNutritional risk in arthritis
29. Alex Adrian-
Rheumatoid arthritis as a risk factor venous
thromboembolism (VTE)
30. Safoora FatimaHealth assessment questionnaire and
mortality in rheumatoid arthritis
31. Dr. Lori TuckerModels of care in juvenile arthritis
32. Dr. Susan BartlettFatigue and inflammatory arthritis
33. Hsin-Yen LiuEye toxicity and hydroxychloroquine in
34. Dr. Deborah
Geographical variation in the prevalence of
rheumatoid arthritis
35. Alexandra CharltonAddressing patient concerns about medication
therapies and biosimilars
36. Dr. Jonathan ChanSpondyloarthritis
37. Tom Hahn Compliance with statins in patients living with
rheumatoid arthritis
38. Drs. Kam Shojania, Nima ShojaniaChanges in patient care in inflammatory
39. Trish BarbatoNew and upcoming events at the Arthritis
40. Dr. Betty DiamondNeuropsychiatric lupus and hormones in
relation to lupus
41. Dr. Carter ThorneAdvances in multidisciplinary care in
inflammatory arthritis
42. Maya JoshiSchool, work, and personal life with
rheumatoid arthritis
43. Dr. Mary-Ann
Medical marijuana and pain management in
44. Eileen DavidsonLiving with arthritis diagnosis and patient
45. Dr. Ann YehChanges in neuroinflammatory diseases in the
field of paediatrics