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AS it Goes – Whither Goes the Weather

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.netI live in fear of the weather forecast for next Tuesday. For that matter, the following Saturday also doesn’t sound very promising. According to on-line forecasts, the weather is going to put arthritis sufferers at high risk of increased aches and pains. Several on-line weather services now provide daily advice about weather conditions for people with health conditions, giving advance notice that will allow them to plan appropriate activities. Amusingly, some on-line services also have indexes with warnings for bad hair days, mood swings, and attentiveness. Continue reading

Hannah Coulthurst – Arthritis and table tennis champ

Table tennis racquet and ball

Image courtesy of Antpkr at

Hannah Coulthurst, a volunteer with Arthritis Care UK, was diagnosed with chronic idiopathic arthritis in 2003 at the young age of eight. Since her diagnosis, she has been a full time wheelchair user. Despite her diagnose, she never gave up on her passion for sports. In search for a sport that she can participate in, she discovered table tennis and started training in 2007. She trains regularly with the Great Britain squad in Sheffield and represented Great Britain at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi in 2010.

Hannah is pursuing her dream of participating in the Brazil Paralympics Games in 2016. To thank Hannah for her inspiration and in celebration of the table tennis events happening at the Toronto PanAm Games, today’s #ABNPhotoADay features table tennis.

Hannah is currently a psychology student at the University of Hull. In 2013, she was profiled by Arthritis Care UK. Below is Hannah’s story from the interview:

My name is Hannah. I was diagnosed with Chronic Idiopathic Arthritis at the age of eight after spending seven weeks in hospital. Recently I have also been diagnosed with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy as well. I am now 18 years old and have been using a wheelchair for the past 10 years.  Continue reading

ACE présente les « Contenus partageables JointHealth™ »

« Contenus partageables JointHealth™ » – Découvrez-les, partagez-les !

Que ce soit un contenu infographique, une vidéo ou une brochure en ligne, le comité ACE est toujours à la recherche de nouvelles façons conviviales de partager l’info avec ses membres, abonnés et visiteurs en ligne pour leur permettre de se tenir au courant des sujets les plus populaires et des enjeux liés à l’arthrite et aux soins de santé. En lançant notre nouveau programme, les contenus partageables JointHealth™, nous vous offrons tout cela en un seul endroit pratique. Chaque contenu partageable JointHealth™ traitera d’un thème présentant un intérêt particulier identifié par vous, nos lecteurs et visiteurs en ligne.

Les deux premiers contenus partageables JointHealth™ traitent :

  • Des régimes privés d’assurance-maladie au Canada
  • Des produits biologiques ultérieurs (PBU)

Announcing ACE “JointHealth™ shareables”

JointHealth™ shareables – Check it out, and feel free to share!

Whether it is with an infographic, video, or on-line booklet, ACE looks for new, user-friendly ways to share information to help its members, subscribers and visitors stay current with popular arthritis and related healthcare topics and issues. With today’s launch of JointHealth™ shareables, we are giving you all three in one convenient spot. Each JointHealth™ shareable will cover a specific topic of interest identified by you, our reader and on-line visitor.

The first two JointHealth™ shareables are:

  • Private Health Insurance in Canada
  • Subsequent Entry Biologics (SEBs)

Runners, on your mark…get set…go!

Woman jogging on trailRunning is a popular form of exercise in Canada – be it along the sea wall, in the park, or at the gym. Today the research suggests that aerobic activity is great for becoming and maintaining fitness and health. Many people believe that running can worsen or be one of the underlying causes of osteoarthritis. A new study puts this fear at ease.

According to an article on Arthritis Digest, “A recent research presented at the Osteoarthritis Research Society International World Congress showed that people aged over 50 years old with osteoarthritis who ran on a regular basis did not have any increase in pain, or radiographic structural progression, over the four-year study.” Continue reading

Topical treatments for musculoskeletal pain

Lotion container with words on the sideAccording to a recent review published in the Cochrane Library, topical treatments (gels, creams, sprays) are effective in providing pain relief for acute musculoskeletal pain in adults. The review was conducted by a team of Cochrane authors based in the United Kingdom and the Cochrane Pain, Palliative, and Supportive Care Review Group and based on a review that was initially published in 2010. Continue reading