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It’s National Pain Awareness Week! Are you experiencing arthritis pain due to the changes in how you receive education?

It’s National Pain Awareness Week! #NPAW2020 #LivingWithPain

We would like to share a student’s feedback about attending school online during the pandemic and how it has, in some way, increased their pain and disease activity:

“Working from home burdens us with new challenges that are different but equally demanding compared to the barriers of a physical campus. For example, I used to rely on the 10-minute break between classes, and the transportation time between meetings, to stretch my joints and get my blood flowing again. That was in addition to frequent physiotherapy, IMS needling, cortisone treatments, etc. which I currently can’t access due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To make up for this, I sometimes need to ice my sore muscles/rest my joints in bed/submerge myself in warm water/do strange stretches during meetings and lectures. It would be much more convenient if I could keep my video off while still engaging as an active listener and verbal participant, but expectations are often to ‘make sure your video is on to demonstrate that you are fully present’. I wish my supervisors and professors understood that having my video-chat off is not inherently proof of a decreased level of engagement.”

To help understand how changes in how you receive education affects students living with inflammatory arthritis around the world, this week’s Arthritis Consumer Experts’s #ArthritisAtHome highlights the ACE Education Survey.

Maya Joshi, ACE Programs Coordinator, explains the purpose of the survey and why it is important for us to better understand the experiences of students and households living with autoimmune arthritis during the COVID-19 pandemic. Maya also highlights who can take the survey, how to access it and what the results will be used for.

Please complete the survey by November 30, 2020.

ACE Education Survey Link: