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#ArthritisAtHome Episode 15: Addressing your concerns about #COVID19 based on current knowledge and data with Dr. Neda Amiri

The fifteenth episode of Arthritis Consumer Experts’ #ArthritisAtHome features Dr. Neda Amiri, Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine, Rheumatology Division at the University of British Columbia. Dr. Amiri will be addressing your concerns about #COVID19 based on current knowledge and data. #FactsFriday 

Dr. Amiri is also the Director of Pregnancy and Rheumatic Diseases Clinic (PReDICT) at Mary Pack Arthritis Centre.  

This week, as health experts have had to refute spurious claims about ingesting disinfectant as a remedy to COVID-19, the need for facts to clarify confusion and misinformation swirling around the coronavirus is more important than ever. We ask Dr. Amiri for answers to your most urgent day-to-day concerns, based on current knowledge and data, including: 

  • Should you be concerned about your mental health due to self-isolation? 
  • Should you start wearing a mask? 
  • Should you worry about contamination from the mail, packages or the newspaper? 
  • Should you change your clothes and shower when you come home from the grocery store? 

Your Provincial Health Authority is also an excellent source for the most current information about COVID-19 where you live: 

British Columbia: 






Nova Scotia: 

New Brunswick: 

Newfoundland and Labrador: 

Prince Edward Island: 


Northwest Territories: 


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