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#CRArthritis Interviews – Part 1

Thank you to everyone who participated in #CRArthritis at the 2023 Canadian Rheumatology Association and Arthritis Health Professions Association Annual Scientific Meeting! We have uploaded a collection of the interviews onto our YouTube channel and will be adding more in the coming days. Stay tuned and enjoy the interviews below:

Virtual Interview 1 – Jeff Beach on updates from the Canadian Spondyloarthritis Assocation

Virtual Interview 2 – Dr. Troy Torgerson on immunology 101 at the CRA & AHPA Meeting

Virtual interview 3 – Dr. Murray Baron on outcome measures for systemic sclerosis

Virtual interview 4 – Ayesha Baig on updates from the CSA and her patient journey

Interview 1 – Cheryl Koehn on this year’s #CRArthritis event

Interview 2 – Isabelle Troïtzky on the Global Ra Network

Interview 3 – Natasha Trehan: Juvenile idiopathic arthritis disease journey & patient advocacy

Interview 4 – Dr. Suzanne Morin on osteoporosis, bone health, nutrition and exercise

Interview 5 – Dr. Hugues Allard-Chamard on IgG4-RD disease and treatments (in French)