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#CRArthritis Interviews – Part 3

Thank you to everyone who participated in #CRArthritis at the 2023 Canadian Rheumatology Association and Arthritis Health Professions Association Annual Scientific Meeting! Here is our third set of interviews that are now available on our YouTube channel. Stay tuned for more and in the mean time, enjoy the interviews below:

Interview 18 – Dr. Claire LeBlanc on sports injuries in youth

Interview 19 – Dr. Lihi Eder on exercise and psoriatic arthritis

Interview 20 – Drs. Gwenestra Melton & Grace Wright on the Association of Women in Rheumatology

Interview 21 – Dr. Charis Meng on her poster and virtual care

Interview 22 – Dr. Mary De Vera on considerations for pregnancy & equity and diversity in arthritis

Interview 23 (French) – Dr. Karine Toupin-April on shared decision making in arthritis care

Interview 24 – Updates from Cassie and Friends Society

Interview 25 – Dr. John Isaacs on precision medicine in rheumatoid arthritis

Interview 26 – Dr. Amanda Steinman on quality improvement

Interview 27 – Dr. Janet Pope on her award and tips to manage your time while living with arthritis

Interview 28 – Ms. Melissa Holdren on fatigue and the Canadian Early Arthritis Cohort

Interview 29 – Dr. Neda Amiri on supporting women w/rheumatic disease in their reproductive journey