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#ArthritisAtHome Episode 1: Finding emotional wellness during #COVID19 with Dr. Susan Bartlett

Arthritis Consumer Experts (ACE): Welcome to #ArthritisAtHome! ACE is excited to have the first episode feature an arthritis expert near and dear to their organization – Dr. Susan Bartlett. She will be speaking about the emotional impact of #COVID19 on our health and wellness. She will share with us what you can do to better manage this crisis while isolated at home. #MotivationMonday

Dr. Susan Bartlett is Professor of Medicine at McGill University and Adjunct Professor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins Medicine. Originally from London Ontario, she completed a Masters in Psychology at McGill, a PhD in Clinical Psychology at Syracuse University, and post-doctoral studies at Johns Hopkins. She joined the faculty at Johns Hopkins Medicine in the 1995 and returned to Montreal to join the Faculty of Medicine at McGill in 2007 in rheumatology and clinical epidemiology.

Dr. Bartlett’s clinical and research interests address how factors like emotional distress and health behaviours affect how well people feel and function. She has also studied how exercise and yoga enhance outcomes in people with arthritis. Her research has been funded by the NIH, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Arthritis Foundation, and the Arthritis Society among others.

Tune in on Wednesday with Dr. Jackie Whittaker’s #WellnessWednesday segment: Caring for your joints during #COVID19